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Emodnet Bathymetry is a project founded by the European Union’s under DG-MARE and EASME to understand the topography of the European seas.

Euro Fleets

Eurofleets facilitate open access to an integrated and advanced research vessel fleet, designed to meet the evolving and challenging needs of the user community.


NEANIAS enhances European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) by engaging diverse communities, fostering Open Science, and delivering innovative thematic services in underwater, atmospheric, and space research.


MIDAS was multidisciplinary research program funded by the European Commission, examined the environmental impacts of deep-sea resource extraction, covering various materials.


Robust was a project aimed to develop cost-effective autonomous technology for mapping vast terrains’ mineral contents. Coronis focused on automatic mining target recognition and seafloor mapping for manganese nodules.


iToBoS project focuses on creating an Intelligent Total Body Scanner with a Computer-Aided Diagnostics tool, enabling early melanoma detection.


Coronis, with its infrared and stereo camera image capture system, employs AI and machine learning to analyze fruit images in real-time. This aids in selecting and harvesting ripe fruits.