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Research projects


Research plays an essential role in the advancement of knowledge and technology in multiple fields of study. Researchers are engaged in projects that explore new concepts, theories and applications to address complex challenges in disciplines such as medicine, engineering, social sciences, biotechnology and many other areas of interest.

The research objectives range from the development of innovative technologies to the deeper understanding of natural and social phenomena. In addition, it seeks to improve existing processes and promote innovation in products and services that benefit society in general.

This research process involves a variety of activities, such as experimentation, data analysis, hypothesis formulation, and collaboration with other researchers, academic institutions, and industrial sectors. Research is a collaborative effort that drives significant discoveries in all areas of human life.

At Coronis Computing, research is central to our innovative approach. We are committed to advancing knowledge and technology through research projects that cover various application fields of computer vision.

We collaborate with academic institutions and industrial partners to explore new frontiers in artificial intelligence, image processing and data analysis applied to medical and underwater imaging among others.

Our research seeks to improve our solutions and anticipate future needs in critical fields. We strive to lead applied research to provide cutting-edge solutions that make a difference in the real world.

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