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Our company leads the revolution in industrial processes with advanced computer vision techniques and cutting-edge artificial intelligence technologies. We develop customized solutions that improve speed, reliability, and profitability in production.

We carry out meticulous evaluation of products at various stages of manufacturing. Our capabilities allow us to analyze shape, structure, distribution, color, and texture with exceptional precision. This approach ensures that products meet strict quality standards, building trust throughout the industrial manufacturing process to optimize efficiency, minimize waste, and enhance competitiveness.

Our company prides itself on offering customized and complete solutions, addressing the unique needs of each client. By providing in-depth analysis, project development, and the seamless application of computer vision, we empower industrial processes to run more efficiently and at reduced costs. We envision a future where our innovative solutions continue to drive industry advancements, making production processes more efficient and profitable than ever.

Surveillance systems

We specialize in the automatic classification, detection, identification, and segmentation of images and videos, providing advanced solutions for security and surveillance systems using computer vision.

Through the use of cutting-edge technologies, based on artificial intelligence, we have developed advanced algorithms that excel in the analysis of images and videos in real time. This consolidation as leaders in understanding and semantic classification of videos guarantees the protection and peace of mind of our clients with innovative, automated, and highly efficient solutions, setting new industry standards for excellence.

Through exploring and perfecting our techniques, we maintain high industry standards. Our focus on technological innovation allows us to exceed our customers’ expectations. Our dedication to pushing the boundaries of image understanding and semantic classification reflects our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions in computer vision and multimedia analysis.

Research projects

Coronis Computing actively participates in cutting-edge research in various domains, demonstrating our commitment to the advancement of knowledge and technology. Our dedication extends to maritime research, environmental impact studies, innovation in healthcare, and beyond. Through research initiatives, we strive to push the boundaries of knowledge and contribute to technological advances in a broad spectrum of fields. Our commitment to exploring and innovating across diverse domains underscores our dedication to making significant contributions to the ever-evolving landscape of research and development, driving progress and innovation forward with unwavering enthusiasm and determination.

As an integral part of our mission, we are committed to continuing to explore and innovate in multiple areas. Our goal is to not only advance science and technology, but also apply this knowledge to solve real-world challenges and improve people’s quality of life. At Coronis Computing, we remain committed to making significant contributions to the ever-evolving landscape of research and development, creating a positive and sustainable impact on our society.

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