Coronis Computing

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Our history

Our history dates back to our foundation as a company derived from the Computer Vision and Robotics group of the University of Gerona. Since then, we have been dedicated to research, development and technology transfer in the field of computer vision and machine learning.

Over the years, we have maintained a constant commitment to the continuous improvement of industrial processes through artificial vision solutions. At Coronis Computing, we lead the revolution in industrial processes through advanced computer vision techniques. We develop customized solutions that improve speed, reliability and profitability in production.

Our history reflects a focused approach on delivering cutting-edge technology, experience and knowledge to optimize efficiency and quality in production, providing value to our customers through real-time inspection systems and innovative solutions.

We have worked closely with medical centers to advance medical imaging techniques and have ventured into media surveillance with innovative automated video classification and real-time analysis technologies. In addition, we excel in underwater imaging, 3D reconstruction and mapping.