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Surveillance systems


Surveillance is a set of techniques and systems designed to monitor and supervise specific areas for the purpose of detecting, preventing or responding to unwanted events or activities. Surveillance systems use a variety of technologies, most notably computer vision, to collect, analyze and process visual information in an automated manner. making quick and accurate decisions.

At Coronis Computing, we apply advanced computer vision technologies for the automatic classification, detection and segmentation of images and videos in surveillance environments.

Surveillance systems

These systems use specialized hardware and software to capture images or videos, perform advanced analysis, and generate alerts based on predefined criteria. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are instrumental in identifying patterns and objects of interest in various surveillance applications.

Surveillance systems have applications in a wide range of sectors, including public safety, commercial and residential facility protection, traffic management, industrial surveillance, and other areas where observation and analysis are critical to maintaining security and the efficiency.

Computer vision

Computer vision applied to surveillance allows us to detect intrusions, identify objects or people of interest, analyze anomalous behavior and optimize the response to critical events. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are essential to develop algorithms capable of interpreting and acting on visual information quickly and accurately.

The ability of computer vision solutions to provide real-time information and improve decision making contributes significantly to the effectiveness and efficiency of modern surveillance systems.

Computer vision solution

At Coronis Computing, we offer advanced computer vision solutions designed to address complex challenges in surveillance and security by leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Our solutions enable early detection of threats, accurate identification of objects and people, and efficient analysis of anomalous behavior in diverse environments. Using sophisticated algorithms, we guarantee a quick and effective response to critical situations.

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