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Industry encompasses all economic sectors dedicated to the production of goods and services on a large scale. It includes everything from manufacturing and processing to distribution and logistics. Today, the industry is transforming by adopting advanced technologies such as computer vision.

At Coronis Computing, we specialize in developing computer vision solutions for industry. Our personalized approach and in-depth knowledge allow us to offer solutions tailored to each client’s specific needs.

Industrial automation

Industrial automation is essential to optimize processes, reduce costs and improve quality in production. The integration of automated systems allows complex tasks to be carried out efficiently and autonomously, increasing operational efficiency and guaranteeing high quality products.

From defect detection to intelligent logistics management, automation is transforming industrial operations by delivering greater accuracy and speed in critical manufacturing and distribution activities. This advancement boosts competitiveness and business efficiency.

Computer vision

Computer vision focuses on developing computer systems capable of interpreting and understanding visual information from the real world. This field combines principles of computer vision, artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze and process visual data automatically and efficiently. It allows machines to “see” and extract information similar to how humans do.

By leveraging computer vision, machines can perform complex tasks such as object recognition, motion tracking, pattern analysis, or anomaly detection in real time. This technology is essential for improving precision, efficiency and quality in a wide range of industrial and commercial applications.

Computer vision solution

At Coronis Computing, we offer comprehensive computer vision solutions for industrial companies. Our approach includes:

  • Detailed Analysis: We evaluate your specific needs and operational challenges.
  • Custom Design and Development: We create solutions adapted to your industrial environment.
  • Efficient Implementation: We integrate computer vision technologies without interruptions in production.
  • Continuous Support: We guarantee the optimization and constant updating of solutions.

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