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Who Are WE?

About us

Coronis Computing SL, a spin-off from the University of Girona’s Computer Vision and Robotics group, specializes in highly automated manufacturing processes, reducing costs, and optimizing speed. The company excels globally in underwater imaging, 3D reconstruction, and mapping, with expertise in visual data interpretation. Additionally, Coronis collaborates with medical centers to advance techniques in medical imaging, focusing on enhanced data acquisition, processing, and interpretation. The company’s commitment extends to media surveillance, where they develop cutting-edge technologies, such as automated video classification and real-time analysis, applied in both R&D projects and end-user products.

Committed to improving processes, Coronis offers a diverse range of solutions. The company boasts experts in designing and developing product inspection systems with artificial vision, placing technology, experience, and knowledge at the service of optimizing production processes. Their real-time inspection systems provide quick and objective verification, enhancing production efficiency and product quality for the benefit of the client.